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I'm Anna.

I'm Anna Hanses and I teach new & struggling online entrepreneurs how to start show to go from fear of judgment, impostor syndrome & self doubt so they can show up confidently online and thereby growing a profitable business.

Let me tell you a little bit about me, I started my online business a few years ago on the side of my fulltime 9-5. I blogged, grew my email list, grew a Facebook community & eventually I started to sell online courses in the area of manifesting & The Law of Attraction. 

Anna Hanses

Besides that, I'm a proud mom of two amazing boys and a pug girl, and I'm an abstract artist. Life is meant to be enjoyable, and I've always been creative. 

I'm also an author of the book "From Tears To Joy - How To Heal Your Grief of Loss With Gratitude" - a book I wrote after my father's passing. The book is a self-help book, about how to heal if you've lost someone dear. The book is available HERE. 

From Tears To Joy How To Heal Your Grief os Loss With Gratitude

With my background as an experienced leader, I also started coaching and mentoring some of my clients on how to show up confidently online, get more visible online, how to grow an online audience and sell their services and products.

For a long time I suffered from impostor syndrome & fear of judgment myself, and after I cracked the code and had a breakthrough - I felt so strongly that I could help my clients let go of fear & become profitable visible, too.

Because you have something special to offer, and it's my honor to help you get your message out there - so that you can thrive in your business & life. I help you create a freedom lifestyle where you enjoy what you do, and make good money while doing so. 

If you're interested in how we can get start working together, or if you're curious whether we're a good fit - just reach out, let's have a chat. 


I'm so proud of my clients!

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