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Go From Self Doubt & Fear To Booked Out

This is a transformational group coaching experience for you if you're looking to up level your business and life in this sacred safe space, where you unapologetically leave impostor syndrome, fear of judgment & self doubt behind for good so that you can grow profitable businesses together through community.

The Courageous Collective™ beta group is starting in November! This experience is for highly motivated individuals, who are a good fit for the group & the program.

The Courageous Collective

From Shy, Introvert & Hiding To Selling Out Your Magnetic High-Ticket Offer

This is for the ambitious & introvert new, aspiring & struggling entrepreneur who is done hiding and is ready to say goodbye to impostor syndrome & fear and turn past challenges & experiences in life into an iconic brand that not only stands out even in saturated markets, but also makes competition irrelevant.

Together, we’ll craft your magnetic signature offer where your uniqueness becomes your superpower and make you stand out in the crowd so that you can attract your dream clients who crave what you offer and are ready to invest.

We’ll turn your story, your background into an irresistible high ticket offer.


  • Making 5 figure months your new normal...
  • Getting PayPal or stripe notifications of new payments like ever before...
  • Having freedom to choose when and where you want to work
  • Being able to spend more precious time with your loved ones
  • Showing your loved ones what's possible in this new economy
  • Getting divinely compensated for your souls work and attracting the most “dreamy” clients with ease & grace, who love your work and can’t wait to buy

Know what? THIS IS ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE FOR YOU! If you're ready to make play a bigger game, have more impact & income and that you just can't wait to start experience all of this, then I invite you to apply below!

Choose between an exclusive 3 or 6 month container, where you'll get mentorship, high touch support & attention. 

This is what's included:

  • 1 x 90-min 1:1 startup coaching call
    During your first call, we'll get to know each other, we'll dive deep and take a look at your business as it is right now, your goals & dreams. We map out your next 6 months together, that are in alignment with your financial goals, desires, your super powers & your life situation. 
  • Weekly 45-MIN 1:1 coaching calls where we focus on creating your magnetic, irresistible high-ticket offer, we'll focus on strategy, implementation, we eliminate obstacles, we make & follow up on your monthly plans, you'll get accountability and everything in between. The goal here is for you to enjoy 5 figure months, at the end of our time together. 
  • Unlimited 1:1 Voxer access & support between sessions where  you get to ask questions or just discuss burning topics. I'll be your biggest cheerleader, have your back and help you stay high vibe & on track! 
  • You'll get unlimited critique/feedback on your content, copy, sales page, emails and marketing.  
  • Testimonials & social engagement
    I'll help you beta test your program or course & provide powerful testimonials for you to use in your marketing. I'll also cheer you on, when you go live on social media to help you boost your engagement. 

This is a high-level investment that can lead to massive results if you are ready to show up for it!

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